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TROY - Best music for SEX

Published February 28, 2006

TROY - Best music for SEX

Jamendo Album #001305


01 - this Sex
02 - condom
03 - love Sex ugia
04 - eved
05 - gan-eden
06 - anava
07 - mind is a sex
08 - machine
09 - nivaar
10 - Ish
11 - Robotox feedback
12 - TL stop
13 - the crime
14 - adam
15 - galgalgiluk
16 - the promise

Please read the Readme.txt and License.txt files for important origin and licensing information.


Reviewer: marac - - February 7, 2013
Subject: Strange techno / electronica (5/10)
A rather tiring effort from the Israel-based one-man act. The main problem that I have with this album is bad production / mastering. All the tracks sound like they have been recorded through a concrete wall. Very flat ugly sound. In terms of genre, the album is quite diverse, exploring various styles of electronic music with an experimental approach and a retro feel to it. Therefore, it is difficult to label it otherwise than by using general terms like techno, electronica, disco, sometimes even synthpop. Several tracks are quite entertaining and listenable, despite the terrible sound. Others are simply dull. You can check it out if you like exploring techno wilderness.